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Ceramic Biomagnets
Individual ceramic ferrite therapy magnets

DR Philpott Approved Polar Power Ceramic Biomagnets

 For Negative field magnetic therapy applications that require a small to medium surface area of coverage with deep penetration. These are the same biomagnets that were prescribed and used in DR Philpott's research, and are therefore recommended for use when following his research protocols. 

Shoppers Tip:  A thicker magnet provides a stronger magnetic field at a greater distance from the surface of the magnet. It is well to use a magnet that has a surface area that is larger than the area you wish to treat. Depth of penetration is also very important, and typically the deeper penetrating the better the results.

Mini-Block Set of Five Magnets

Individual multi purpose small ceramic magnet set


Power Disc Ceramic

Multi purpose ceramic biomagnet 1 1/2" dia. x 1/2" thick


2 x 6 x 1/2" Ceramic Biomagnet

Deep penetrating Comfort Covered ceramic biomagnet


4 x 6 x 1/2" Ceramic Biomagnet

Medium Duty Comfort Covered ceramic biomagnet


4 x 6 x 1" Comfort Covered Magnet

Heavy Duty / Deep Penetrating ceramic biomagnet


When only the best will do, you can count on the DR Philpott approved Polar Power magnetic therapy products

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