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DR Philpott "Magnetic Health Quarterly" Research Reports
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Arizona Unipole Magnetics is pleased to offer the complete selection Dr. Philpott "Magnetic Health Quarterly" research reports. These detailed reports were written while he was working on his FDA qualified Magnetic Resonance Therapeutic Research Project, a labor of love that he dedicated himself to for over 23 years. These research reports were written specifically for the lay person to understand and can be used as a self-help guide for using magnet therapy if one chooses to. 

Included in each report is an Orientation On Magnets and Polarity, Observations, Case Histories, Protocols, Patient Testimonies (most reports), and "Beyond Magnets" which consists of additional complimentary therapeutics often including vitamin supplements, colloidal silver, and dietary modification recommendations that he prescribed in conjunction with his magnetic therapy protocols. Although the good doctor passed on some years ago, Dr Philpott is still widely recognized by most leading experts today as the worlds authority on magnetic therapy. We're both honored and proud to carry forward his legacy by continuing to make this information and the magnetic therapeutics that he used available to the public on our website.  

Product   Price
Complete Dr Philpott MHQ Library   $599.00
95_Q1 The Magnetics Of Sleep   $14.95
95_Q2 The Magnetics of Pain   $19.95
95_Q3 Anti-Inflammatory Magnetic Enzyme System   $19.95
95_Q4 The Negative Magnetic Field Antibiotic Effect   $19.95
96_Q1 Magnetic Production of Melatonin   $19.95
96_Q2 Athletic Injuries; Magnetic Healing of Soft Tissue, Cartilage, and Bone   $19.95
96_Q3 Rheumatoid Diseases, Magnetic Answer   $19.95
96_Q4 Cancer Prevention & Reversal   $19.95
97_Q1 Secrets of Magnetic Field of Youth   $19.95
97_Q2 Diabetes Mellitus Prevention & Reversal   $19.95
97_Q3 The Magnetic Management of Major Mental Disorders   $19.95
97_Q4 Vascular Diseases: The Magnetic pH Enzymatic Answer   $19.95
98_Q1 Magnetic Management Of Addiction, Weight, Stress   $19.95
98_Q2 Movement Disorders, Parkinson's, Tourette's and Other Disorders   $19.95
98_Q3 Seizure Disorders, Motor Seizures, Sensory, Psychic Seizures   $19.95
98_Q4 Multiple Sclerosis, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
99_Q1 Eye Disorders, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
99_Q2 Pelvic Disorders, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
99_Q3 Gastrointestinal Diseases, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
99_Q4 Emotional Disorders, Autism, Dyslexia, Psychosis, ...   $19.95
00_Q1 The Ultimate Non-Stress Non-Addiction Diet   $19.95
00_Q2 Skin Disorders, Secrets of The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
00_Q3 Lung Disorders, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
00_Q4 Menopause, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
01_Q1 Alzheimer's Disease and Amyloidosis   $19.95
01_Q2 Detoxification, Acid, Chemical, Heavy Metal Toxicity   $19.95
01_Q3 Allergy Immunology Microbiology, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
01_Q4 Fibromyalgia, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
02_Q1 Spine Disorders, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
02_Q2 Energy Medicine, Magnetic Free Energy Answer   $19.95
02_Q3 Lupus, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
02_Q4 Liver Disorders, Viral Hepatitis, Addictive Hapatitis   $24.95
03_Q1 Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors   $19.95
03_Q2 Liver Disorders, Cancer, Metabolic Disease, Cirrosis, Gallbladder, Bile Ducts   $13.95
03_Q3 The pH Factor In Health & Disease, Magnetic Answer   $19.95
03_Q4 Universal Sensitivity Reactions, Interface Between Vitamin C & Magnetic Fields   $19.95
04_Q1 Osteoporosis, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
04_Q2 Inflammation, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
04_Q3 Viral Encephalitis, The Magnetic Answer   $19.95
04_Q4 Water, Dehydration and Health, Dehydration and Illness   $19.95

"I don't say magnets healed you, you say magnets healed you"

 William H Philpott, M.D.

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