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4 x 6 x 1/2" Ceramic Biomagnet

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Price: $59.95
Prod. Code: #CMCC46.5

Dr. Philpott Approved Polar Power
4 x 6 x 1/2" Comfort Covered Ceramic Biomagnet

A must have for anyone who is serious about biomagnetic therapy. This is one of THE major workhorses of biomagnets. Often used in Dr. Philpott's magnetic research disease prevention, management and reversal protocols.

This Comfort Covered Ceramic Block biomagnet is covered with a soft material that is removable for washing and replacement "Comfort Covers" are available by request.

This 1/2" thick biomagnet is deep penetrating. Commonly used to treat major joints and internal organs.

Measures: 4 x 6 x 1/2" Rated 3,950 gauss @ core

Can be used for many different therapeutic applications including to make magnetic drinking water.

How do you make magnetic drinking water?
Here's our theory. Vessel holding water to be magnetized should fit within the width of the block. Fill to about 5" deep (do not use metallic containers, glass is best). It is well to magnetize spring water or drinking water, we do not recommend magnetizing tap water that has toxins such as flouride and chlorine. After placing vessel on NEGATIVE side of block for about three hours water should be well magnetized.

Negative field (North Pole)
magnetic water has been shown to calm and normalize metabolic function and help the body to alkalanize.

Gauss ratings at measured distance from surface of biomagnet.

112 gauss @ 2"
45 gauss @ 4"
23 gauss @ 6"
15 gauss @ 8"

Shipping Weight: 2.7 LB

This major magnetic health tool can provide a lifetimes worth of magnetic water and therapeutic use.

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