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Founded in 2000, my mission began with the intention of providing important information about magnetic therapy that I felt was lacking on the internet...that being the importance of polarity. Probably much like you, I was looking for a safe and  natural alternative to drugs for pain relief when I learned about this therapy. I was fortunate to have a friend share a little known secret about polarity that led me to trying magnets for chronic lower back pain I'd been suffering for many years. After learning that this particular therapy could even help my body to heal itself, I was sold on trying it and mail ordered a high quality back wrap from a reputable company. I was pleasantly surprised when within just minutes of putting it on for the first time, I felt a warming and soothing my back was loosening up. This encouraged me to wear the wrap day and night, and the result of it's long term use has been nothing short of astonishing. My back is about 90% better than it was some 20 years ago.

About a year after my initial success using this therapy, I built a website, put the information out, and realized there was a great demand for products. So I connected with a highly respected well established supplier and  have been providing quality service and products to health professionals and the general public on the internet ever since. For many years I was honored with the pleasure of being an associate and friend of one of the worlds most well known magnetic therapy researchers, the late Dr. William H. Philpott. Some of my customers participated in his FDA qualified research project, and I am greatly honored to carry his dream forward today through this website.   



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Arizona Unipole Magnetics (AUM)  is a sole American owned and operated private-sector retailer of magnetic therapy products that  is non-federally connected and non- federally privileged. My office is located in Non-Federal Terrirtory which is the unincorporated town of Black Canyon City in the state of Arizona. AUM was established on the internet in June of 2000 by  :Thomas-John: Strizak.,

AUM ( is the leading Online retail source for the fine Dr. Philpott approved Polar Power magnet therapy products.

Arizona Unipole Magnetics© is with the Flag jurisdiction of the Official-FLAG of the U.S.A. (U.S. Codes: Title: 4: Section: 1,2 & 3) for the Constitution-Flag Contract.

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34591 David Street
Black Canyon City, AZ 85324

1 (602) 989-2858

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