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    ARIZONA UNIPOLE MAGNETICS is the Leading Online Retailer of the superb Dr Philpott Approved Polar Power magnetic therapy products. We are also well known for providing information about using the proper polarity to prevent, reverse, and manage disease. Unfortunately approximately 90% of magnetic therapy products sold today cannot be used for such self help applications because they are the wrong polarity.

Polar Power magnets are backed by over 23 years of FDA qualified research documented by William H. Philpott, M.D.   The late DR Philpott is still widely recognized today as the worlds leading authoritiy on the use of biomagnets for disease management, prevention and reversal. All of the fine Polar Power magnetic therapy products used in Dr Philpotts' research can be purchased securely on our website.

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 Trusted By Health Professionals Worldwide Since June 2000

Made In America Polar Power magnetic therapy products are Made in America

Serious biomagnets for people who are serious about biomagnetic therapy.

The superb Polar Power magnetic therapy products are all quality hand crafted in America. These fine magnetic therapeutics were  prescribed by DR Philpott for use by his research participants to manage and reverse over 120 medical conditions. In his 23 years of dedicated work on the FDA qualified Magnetic Resonance Therapeutic Research Project  Doctor Philpott wrote 40 Magnetic Health Quarterly research reports documenting case histories, observations, and the protocols that he used to successfully manage and reverse major medical conditions. Although he has since passed on, DR Philpott is still widely recognized today as the worlds leading authority on magnetic therapy, and his extensive research has not since been surpassed. So if you're hoping to get the same successful results that he and his patients did, why not start by using the same magnetic therapy products and protocols that they used? All are conveniently available on our website with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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We're here to help you get the right magnets the first time. Most people are Negative Magnetic Field Deficient due to being bombarded with positive field electromagnetic pollution. Supplementing the body with Negative Magnetic Field Energy has been shown to restore the body's magnetic balance and metabolic function. You're body simply cannot function properly, or do all that it is capable of, when it is Negative Magnetic Field Deficient. Vitamins and food supplements are great, but they can much better be absorbed when your body is in good magnetic health.  The biomagnetic therapy information available on this website can help you to make a well informed decision about which magnetic therapy products are right for you and how to get the best results using them. We add information to this site regularly. For onsite educational magnet therapy information please see the links grouped below. We hope you will find it most interesting and helpful.


The Negative (biomagnetic North) and Positive (biomagnetic South) poles of the Mono-pole / Uni-pole medical bio-magnet have been shown in clinical and laboratory research to have completely opposite effects on living biological systems. The Negative magnetic field has been shown to calm and normalize metabolic function thus promoting the healing process. 

Because the Positive magnetic field has been shown to over-stimulate and disrupt metabolic function, thus promoting disease growth within the body. Bipolar magnets, industrial magnets, or magnets which do not clearly identify polarity should probably not be applied to the body. 

Using Magnets / Polarity CAUTION:

Bi-polar magnets (no separation of polarity) have been shown to  over-stimulate causing accelerated cancer and micro-organism growth within the body. We don't sell any bipolar, bi-pole or quadra-pole products, and we don't recommend their use for magnetic therapy applications. Dr Philpott states that "A mixed positive and negative magnetic field serves no useful purpose".

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When vitamins and supplements are outlawed, you may still have your biomagnets.

Persons with pacemaker or any electrical device implant, pregnant women, and woman who are nursing should not use biomagnets without proper medical supervision.

does not claim that magnetic therapy heals or prevents disease. All information provided is for educational use only and is not to be construed as medical advice.

Therapeutic magnets are currently classified by the FDA as "benign" and "not essentially harmful". 

We at Arizona Unipole Magnetics concur with the late DR Philpott. We believe that bipolar magnets can be harmful and should not be applied to the body. To date there are no known adverse side effects associated with the use of Negative Field magnetic therapy.


Polar Power magnetic therapy products for a happier healthier life!

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