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By William H. Philpott, M.D.
Copied with permission of Dr. William H. Philpott. All rights reserved.

Bio-Magnetics is the application of magnetic fields to biological systems such as humans or animals for the express purpose of therapeutic use. There are several magnetic diagnostic techniques approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) is the most frequently and widely known magnetic diagnostic procedure.

The application of magnetic field to humans and animals is approved by the FDA and is classified as not being harmful. This not harmful status by the FDA resulted from a premarketing toxicity study with MRI procedures. It is true that the MRI is not harmful, however toxicity studies using longer time exposures to separate magnetic fields has resulted in:

No harm from the negative magnetic field exposure no matter how high the gauss strength or how long the exposure.

The brief exposure of several hours to a positive magnetic field is not harmful. The MRI toxicity studies were for brief exposure. The FDA is correct in classifying the MRI as not harmful.

Prolonged exposure to a positive magnetic field, for a week or more, is harmful because it is acidifying. The skin demonstrates this condition by developing an inflammatory, bacterial infected vasculitis. This is an 'acid burn'. This evidence has not been published in any peer-reviewed literature and therefore has not been considered by the FDA.

There is a peer-reviewed article demonstrating the significance of prolonged exposure of cancer cells to separate positive and negative magnetic fields. Cancer grows with prolonged exposure to a positive magnetic field, and cancer dies with a prolonged exposure to a negative magnetic field. (Trappier, Arthur et al. "Evaluating Perspectives on the Exposure Risks from Magnetic Fields" Journal of the National Medical Association, 82:9, September 1990)

A static magnetic field is an energy field by virtue of the movement of electrons in the static magnetic field. This fact of the magnetic field movement of electrons is used in industry with predictable results, and can also be used in magnetic therapy with the same predictable results. Separate positive and negative magnetic fields spin electrons in opposite directions and for this reason also have separate opposite biological responses. The biological response to a negative magnetic field is alkalinization, oxygenation, anti-stress, growth and healing. The biological response to a positive magnetic field is acidity, reduced oxygen, biological stress, and blocked healing. The human body is alkaline and thus composed of more negative magnetic field energy than positive magnetic field energy.

A negative magnetic field activates electrons that energize alkaline dependant enzymes that produce human energy (ATP and oxidation remnant magnetism) as well as processes endogenous toxins (free radicals, peroxides, acids, alcohols and aldehydes) and exogenous environmental toxins. A positive magnetic field activates electrons that energize acid dependent enzymes that provide energy for cancer cells and microorganisms. It is a negative magnetic field that is largely used for human magnetic therapy. The use of a positive magnetic field is limited to short term use to excite neurons that have been inhibited by an injury such as pressure from edema. The brief application of a positive magnetic field to immunological organs such as the thymus is used to optimize immunologic defense against cancer and against microorganisms. The application of both a positive and negative magnetic field at the same time in the same area does not serve a useful purpose. [end]

William H. Philpott, MD

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