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From DR Philpott's "Critical Reviews Of Currently Practiced Magnetic Therapy"  Copyright 1999, pgs. 116 & 117. Copied with permission of Dr. Philpott. All rights reserved. (*** out of print)

The human body's metabolism functions optimally only with the constant maintenance of alkaline-hyperoxia at all levels (cellular - tissue - organ - systemic). Acute symptom producing maladaptive reactions are locally highly acid-hypoxic in the tissues where the symptoms occur. The monitoring of the pH of the saliva and blood has demonstrated that this acidity can usually be measured systemically. This acid-hypoxia disorders cellular and tissue functions and often with a common sympton of a degree of discomfort including even pain itself. These acidifying symptom provoking maladaptive reactions to environmental substances can be on the order of 1) immunologic reactions, 2) oxidoreductase enzyme inhibition reactions 3) oxidoreductase enzyme deficiency reactions, 4) addictive reactions, and 5) reactions to toxins. All of these maladaptive reactions have the common denominator of producing biological acid-hypoxia. Frequently eaten food serve as biological stresses due to their frequent use and are, therefore percentage-wise, a major cause of maladaptive symptom producing reactions causing acid-hypoxia. Therefore, foods eaten two times a week or more should be given priority when considering possible symptom production.

Maladaptive reactions with their acid-hypoxia injure cells, tissues and organs. Chronic degenerative disease have the same acid-hypoxia disorder as acute maladaptive reactions. Thus,
chronic degenerative diseases are observed to have the same metabolic disorder as acute maladaptive reactions which are extended in time.

The maintenance of health and the prevention of degenerative disease have the same source. That is the maintenance of alkaline-hyperoxia. A negative magnetic field produces a biological response of alkaline-hyperoxia and thus is neccessary to maintain health, reverse acute maladaptive reactions, prevent and reverse degenerative diseases.

A negative magnetic field exposure program needs to be engineered that will optimize alkaline-hyperoxia. Sleeping on a magnetic bed pad and with magnets at the crown of the head achieves this value. The emergence of any symptom, no matter how minor, should be negative magnetic field treated. The cause for this symptom should be considered and appropriatly treated. Since maladaptive reactions to foods is a major cause, a Four Day Diversified Rotation Diet serves the purpose of reducing the stress from frequently eaten foods and therefore, should be given prime consideration.

Placing water or liquid foods on the negative magnetic field for five or more minutes before drinking has a biological response of producing alkalinity. [end]

William H. Philpott, MD

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