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Arizona Unipole Magnetics is proud to have referred some of our customers to DR Philpott, a few did actually participate in his research project. Sadly the research project was discontinued when Dr Philpott retired at almost 90 years old. He passed away a few years later at the age of 92.

This page is kept to honor the memory of this great man. 


Doctor's Invitation

Dear Doctor,

This is an invitation for you do to research in the area of medical magnetics. The research physician works under the consultation and supervision of William H. Philpott, M.D., who is a member of an FDA qualified institutional review board. The research-monitoring physician gives a statement as to the status of the patient and Dr. Philpott provides a magnetic research protocol to be followed in applying the magnets. The research physician agrees to send reports to Dr. Philpott, which then will be assessed by the magnetic research committee. When sufficient data is available on any one subject, then this is submitted for publication in a peer reviewed medical journal. The purpose of this research is to establish magnetics as a solid therapeutic modality in the practice of traditional medicine. This is a request to you to join us in this valuable research. The patient pays the physician for any services rendered. The patient also buys the magnets used in research.

The application of magnets to humans and animals for both diagnosis and therapy is FDA approved. There are several approved magnetic instruments that can make claims of value in the specific limited areas that their research has established.

Our research is on the growing edge of therapeutic magnetics, expanding the value of magnetics to human and animal therapeutics. There are many promising values emerging that need definitive research. Would you please help us?

William H. Philpott, M.D.

Patient's Agreement For Research

I understand this is a research project to determine the value of static magnetic field application to my type of condition. I understand that extensive toxicity studies proceding the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the marketing of magnetic resonance imagery resulted in the FDA's classifying magnetic exposure to humans as "not essentially harmful". I have not been promised symptom relief. I have not been promised a cure.

I agree to keep an accurate record of my extent of exposure to a magnetic field. I agree to the necessary monitoring of my condition before, during and after treatment as agreed to by my physician in consultation with W.H. Philpott, M.D.

I understand that private and government (Medicare and Medicaid) insurances do not apply for medical research. I understand my physician will not apply for insurance payments for the medical research that is being rendered me. I agree not to apply for insurance payments since they do not apply to medical research. I understand that laws relating to medical treatment for Medicare and Medicaid payments do not apply to medical research. I understand that the physician doing medical research monitoring for my case can charge for the service rendered for which no report to government insurance (Medicare or Medicaid) is made and that the research service is beyond, apart from and not related to any laws relating to medical services rendered to a Medicare or Medicaid patient. [end]

About Dr. Philpott

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