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Medication Danger
The dangers of prescription drugs


No disease is cured by drugs. No disease is caused by a lack of drugs.

According to the Washington Post on November 30, 1999 an article from Rick Weiss states:

As many as 98,000 Americans die unnecessarily every year from medical mistakes made by physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals....."These stunningly high rates of medical errors, resulting in deaths, permanent disability and unnecessary suffering, are simply unacceptable in a medical system that promises first to "do no harm", said William C. Richardson, President of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and chairman of the expert committee that compiled the blunt 223-page report. [End]

In the USA Today December 4, 1999
Headline: Clinton orders task force today to find new ways to reduce deaths caused by medical mistakes.

WASHINGTON - President Clinton and members of Congress acting on a recommendation of Institute of Medicine form a task force to find out why 98,000 Americans are killed by medical mistakes. The report stated that more people are killed by medical mistakes than accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS. Mistakes include illegible prescriptions, nurses delivering the wrong doses and doctors misinterpreting symptoms. [End]

FDA planning new ways to improve drug safety

by Lauren Neergaard - Associated Press

An estimated two million Americans are hospitalized annually from drug side effects, and 100,000 die.

WASHINGTON - New drugs are tested only a few hundred to a few thousand times before they are sold to millions, meaning rare side effects that don't show up in small clinical trials can wind up hurting hundreds of people. But doctors aren't required to report side effects to the FDA, which has only about 80 employees to monitor the more than 3000 prescription drugs sold... The FDA's approval process isn't strict enough. The agency has had to ban five drugs since September 1997; in the past decade, it banned just six others...

Still, experts say most side effect-caused deaths are preventable. Doctors may prescribe the wrong drug - sometimes confusing drugs with similar names - or wrong dose. The medicine may interact dangerously with another drug the patient takes... Doctors may not even know all the side effects. Time-strapped physicians may not fully read FDA-approved prescription labels, and it's hard to remember warnings for so many drugs. [End]

Compunding these problems is the fact that more than 60% of all drug prescriptions are off label (the drugs have not been tested or approved for the prescribed use).

The healthcare industry in our country has become lower than the illegal drug cartels we are fighting "The War On Drugs" against. [End]

CAUTION: If you are using Negative magnetic field therapy (proper polarity) in conjunction with prescription drugs you may experience symptoms of over-medication. This is due to the potential ability of this type of magnetic therapy to enhance effectiveness of medications, vitamins and supplements.

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