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Silver Satin Magnetic Pillow

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Dr. Philpott Designed & Approved Polar Power
Silver Satin Magnetic Pillow

Pleasant dreams! Easy and comfortable Negative field magnetic therapy while you sleep. Now you can have a deep restful and restorative sleep with this handsome high quality Swedish Foam pillow design.  

Contains: 50 ceramic biomagnets (Ceramic Disc shaped magnets are 1" dia. x 1/8" thick)

3,950 gauss @ core ea. min.

Overall Size: 16" x 20" Wide (This is a short pillow) Approx. 3" thick.

Shipping Weight: 6 LB

The ceramic biomagnets are near the surface under a 1/2" layer of high density hospital grade convoluted foam (*** This is a hard foam, very firm pillow). This design holds the magnets firmly in place to keep your head in a soothing Negative magnetic  field of energy. The handsome Silver Satin Magnetic Pillow has two neck rolls (one large and one small) which fit most people comfortably. Comes with it's own Silver Satin pillowcase and a white slip cover (not shown in picture). This magnetic therapy device is as beautiful as it is functional for magnetic therapy thats easy to use.

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