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Magnetic Detoxification
Dr Philpott explains how magnets help the body to remove toxins

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All atomic weight heavy metals are electromagnetic positive and
in the human body, produce free radicals which in turn damage
human metabolism. These heavy metals such as mercury and lead in
the human body are changed to non-toxic in the presence of a
sufficiently strong negative magnetic field. Not only are the
metals themselves rendered non-toxic by the attachment af a
negative magnetic field to their positive magnetic field, also
they are processed out of the body by the negative magnetic
field. The free radicals that have been formed by the presence
of these atomic weight heavy metals are quickly processed by the
negative magnetic field activation of the oxidoreductase
enzymes, the non-toxic result being molecular oxygen and water.


The common heavy metals producing toxicity are such as mercury,
lead, aluminum, and there are also rare heavy metals that cause
toxicity. Atomic weight heavy metals have a positive magnetic
field. When the body is placed in a negative magnetic field, it
cancels out the positive magnetic field of the heavy metals.
These are then processed out of the body as non-toxic metals
charged with a negative magnetic field. Therefore, processing
these metals out of the body with magnetics does not injure
kidney function. Heavy metal toxicity should always be
considered. It can behave similarly to a viral infection. There
are special techniques for both intravenous and oral chelation
of metals. It is useful to use these but it should also be
understood that a negative magnetic field also processes these
metals out of the body. To do this, a 70 magnet bed should be
used. [end]

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