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Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome
Dr Philpott explains why the body is typically magnetic deficient

*** This magnetic therapy information is for educational use only.

This is an out take from Dr. Philpott's Biomagnetic Handbook [pg. 16]. Copied with permission of the author. All rights reserved.

Since a degree of human energy appears to be absorbed from the earth's magnetic field, what would happen if a magnetic field deficiency occured in the earth? Kyoichi Nakagawa, MD, Director Isuzu Hospital, Tokyo, Japan has spent 20+ years researching magnetism and humans. He concludes a magnetic field deficiency syndrome already exists which produces stiffness of shoulders, back and neck, chest pains, headache, heaviness of head, dizziness, insomnia, habitual constipation and general lassitude. Nakagawa references authorities demonstrating the earth's magnetic field HAS DECREASED 50% over the last 500 years. Is the human body adapted to a higher gauss strength and with the earth's weakening magnetic gauss strength human deficiencies are emerging? It would seem logical since when a patient with symptoms is exposed to a higher gauss magnetic strength, symptoms are considerably relieved or disappear.

Nakagawa points out that metal buildings, automobiles, trains, etc. are absorbing the earth's magnetic field causing interference and loss of gauss strength. Not only can the metal
structures absorb the earth's magnetic energy but also can shield living beings from the earth's natural energy source. Consider that man often spends his waking and sleeping hours in metal vehicles, steel supported dwellings and steel frame superstructures of the work place -- which may have a deleterous impact on physical and mental energy levels. Obviously, such environmentaal conditions can interfere with the human energy system since electromagnetic absorption can not occur at an optimum rate. Thus symptoms of magnetic field deficiency syndrome could emerge.[end]

"Without promise of a cure magnetic therapy is worth a try"  William H. Philpott, M.D.

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