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*** This Magnetic Therapy information is for educational use only.

From Dr. William H. Philpott's
"Magnetic Health Quarterly"
Volume 1, Fourth Quarter 1995

The Negative Magnetic Field Antibiotic Effect

The worlds leading medical biomagnetic researcher Dr. William H. Philpott has graciously given Arizona Unipole Magnetics permission to copy any of his writings to promote the use and research of negative magnetic field therapy. We are very grateful to Dr. Philpott for his dedicated research of magnetics for healing.

OBSERVATIONS {from pg. 1}

The patient complained of a painful tooth. An examination revealed pus exuding around the tooth. A negative magnetic field on the face over the tooth resolved the pain in 10 minutes. It was 4 days before he could get an appointment with the dentist. In order to handle the pain he kept the negative magnetic field over the tooth during the 4 days while waiting for the dental appointment. When examined by the dentist, there was no infection in evidence.

A woman with candidiasis of the vagina and colon, requiring constant antibiotic treatment, and with frequent eurethra and urinary bladder infections requiring frequent antibiotic treatment, experienced unsatisfactory results from the antibiotic treatment. She was then treated by exposing the pelvic area to a negative magnetic field. After the negative magnetic field exposure treatment, both the candidiasis and the urinary infections where no longer present.

I have treated numerous viral, fungal and bacterial infections with a consistent successful result using a negative magnetic field. From these observations, I conclude that there is a successful antibiotic therapy of which medical therapeutics is not aware. Medical science is fighting hard to to find and develop new antibiotics and is struggling to find successful antibiotic treatments for the new bacteria-resistant strains of infection. Based on my observations and research, it appears that magnetic antibiotics work, no matter what the type or strain of invading bacteria, fungus, or virus. Of course, this can not be announced as scientifically proven until there is numerous controlled and published data consistent with these preliminary observations. This is, as it should be. In the meantime, anyone is justified in adding magnetic antibiotic therapy to existing antibiotic therapies, whether the illness is life-threatening or not. In minor, non life-threatening infections, giving a trial run of treatment with only magnetic antibiotic therapy is acceptable.

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