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Caring For Magnets
Tips for preserving biomagnets and magnet therapy devices


Tips For Care and Preservation of Magnetic Therapy Products

Magnets can hold an electomagnetic charge for a very long time.
If cared for, magnetic therapy magnets can continue to serve
their purpose for many years. Strong magnets of high quality
material will lose very little energy if stored properly,
perhaps only a few gauss over 100 years. If stored improperly they can
discharge at a much faster pace. Example: It is not well to
leave any magnet attached to heavy steel because of discharge.
Heat can also accelerate discharge of magnets. A magnets ability to retain its energy is directly
related to the material it is made of and how strongly it is
charged. Ceramic ferrite magnets and neodymiums hold their
charged electrons better than flexibles.

When stacking powerful magnets always slide them together from
the side. Example: If you have two neos, put them flat on a
surface a few inches apart with same polarity facing up, then
slowly slide them closer together. At a certain point they will
repel each other. Keep pushing them towards each other and let
one float up above the other slightly. They will then slide
together naturally. When stacking Comfort Covered
Biomagnets, a slip sheet of thin cardboard or plastic should be placed
between them because the material and Velcro will make it hard to slide them apart
for separation.

Magnet covers and materials may eventually become worn or
and torn. Replacement covers can be purchased for many of the Polar Power magnetic therapeutics by calling us at 602-989-2858.

A warm water handwash and line dry is best for cleaning. Also "Fabreeze" works well.

Magnets should only be stacked with like magnets, for example don't
leave a neodymium magnet attached to a ceramic magnet.

Neodymium (rare earth) magnets are compression molded and sealed
in a very thin layer of Nickel that is vulnerable to damage from
chipping. Acidity from the body can also compromise the Nickel plating.
Try to avoid direct contact with skin, a bandaid over skin works
good for this. A few coats of clear nail polish or clear packing tape can help to
protect and preserve neodymium magnets for a long time.

 Polar Power magnetic therapy products can keep on giving long after they are purchased if stored properly and handled carefully. We hope this information helps you to preserve and enjoy many years of use from your magnetic therapeutics.

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