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Water Detoxification
Dr Philpott explains how the body uses water to detoxify



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From DR Philpott's MHQ #01-Q2 DETOXIFICATION pgs. 26, 27, 28. Copied with permission of Dr. Philpott. All rights reserved.

Detoxifying Role of Hydration

The Detoxifying Role of Hydration:
Seventy percent of the human body is water. With a 5% loss of
water, symptoms of toxicity develop. Adults, even though they
have symptoms from the dehydration of 5% loss of water, can sur-
vive. However, infants with 5% dehydration would die. Water is
lost from the body by urine, feces, sweating and with breathing.
Toxins are removed from the body through the urine, feces,
sweating and through the breath.

With dehydration, body fluids (blood, extra cellular fluid and
fluids within the cells) become acidic.
A pH of 7.4 (7.35-7.45) must be maintained for necessary life-
sustaining enzymes to function. Most enzyme-sustaining life
functions are alkaline-dependent. Among other enzymes, acidity
from any source including dehydration, inhibits by it's toxic
effect, the functions of the oxidoreductase enzymes that have
the assignment of making adenosinetriphosphate which is an
aspect of human life energy along with catalytic remnant
magnetism (a negative magnetic field). Furthermore, these oxi-
doreductase enzymes have the assignment of processing endogenous
inflammatory toxins (free radicals, peroxides, oxyacids,
alcohols and aldehydes) and also exogenous toxins (petrochemical
hydrocarbons, heavy metals, acids, toxins from invading
microorganisms, cancer, insect stings and reptile bites and so
forth). This detoxification by oxidoreductase enzymes occurs by
either adding or subtracting electrons as the need may be. The
end result of oxidoreductase enzyme detoxification is pure water
and molecular oxygen.

The necessary maintenance of an optimum alkaline pH (7.4) is a
magnetic field mechanism. A negative magnetic field attaches to
calcium, magnesium and potassium minerals in solution produc-
ing the alkaline bicarbonates of these minerals. Only the
negative magnetic field produces alkaline mineral bicarbonate. A
positive magnetic field blocks the production of alkaline
bicarbonates and instead produces acids. Since only the negative
magnetic field is capable of producing alkaline bicarbonates, it
is understood that the human body of necessity, has to maintain
a greater amount of a negative magnetic field than a positive
magnetic field. The battle of maintaining health is of ne-
cessity that of maintaining a higher negative magnetic field
over that of a positive magnetic field.
Understandably, magnetic therapy is mostly the application of an
exogenous static negative magnetic field.

It has been determined that a negative magnetic field structures
the water in small units of 3-5 water molecules. In a positive
magnetic field, acidity water has clusters of 50-60 water
molecules. The energy from a negative magnetic field is
necessary to break down the 50-60 molecules of water to
3-5 molecules of water before the water can be hydrating to the
cells. Methods of restructuring the water with a static negative
magnetic field are as follows:

1) placing the'water and fluid foods over the negative magnetic
field of a 4" x 6" x 1/2" ceramic block magnet for a minimum of
five minutes,

2) sleeping on a negative magnetic field mattress pad,

3) treating the heart to a negative magnetic field during sleep
by placing a 4" x 6" x 1/2" magnet on the heart and holding in
place with a 4" x 52" Cool Max body wrap,

4) treat any specific symptom area with a negative magnetic

5)use electrolysis-produced alkaline micro water, 6) structured
alkaline water from a spring with "healing alkaline micro water".

It is likely that the best of all these methods is to treat the
water with electrolysis, producing alka-line micro water. There
are several Companies with electrolysis instruments for the
production of alkaline micro water. I recommend the Singer
Electrolysis lnstrument for the production of alkaline micro

There are, throughout the world, springs that naturally contain
structured alkaline micro water.
France, Tibet and Japan are known for "healing water springs".
These mineral waters have passed
through a negative magnetic field, which has structured and
alkalinized the water.
OHNO Institutes of Cleveland, Ohio has demonstrated the value of
an alkaline-structured water from a volcanic spring in Japan.

The minimum amount of pure water, preferably alkaline micro-
structured water, per day is eight glasses for adults. The more
toxic the subject, the more water that is needed for its
detoxifying value. I have known of some toxic individuals to
feel their best with 16 glasses of water a day.

Another useful detoxifying water is the use of ascorbate water.
Mineral ascorbates are readily available since several companies
have marketed mineral ascorbates. I recommend Vital Life Multi-
Element Buffered C Powder, one teaspoon per day. This provides
ascorbates of calcium, magnesium and potassium. The rest of the
ascorbates should be sodium ascorbates. I have examined the
urine spillage of a series of ill subjects and found that a
sizable number needed 25 grams before there was any spillage of
vitamin C in the urine The best method to determine the amount
of vitamin C needed for each individual toxic subject is to
determine the amount needed by the consistency of the stool.

The amount of vitamin C taken by a toxic subject should be
sufficient to have a soft-formed stool. This will detoxify the
colon and have sufficient vitamin C for detoxification of the
blood, intra cellular fluid and intercellular fluid. Each
teaspoon of sodium ascorbate powder has four grams of vitamin C.
Place the sodium ascorbate powder in water.

An ascorbate flush is an ideal colon detoxifler and
preferred to colonics. Starting with an empty stomach, add two
teaspoons of sodium ascorbate powder to a glass of water. Drink
one glass of water with two teaspoons of sodium ascorbate each
half hour until a diarrhea flush occurs. This can be repeated as
often as needed. Once a week or once every two weeks is a
reasonable frequency for an ascorbate flush for a toxic subject.

Hydration is so important that the amount of water used on a
daily basis should not be guessed at but instead, counted.
There should be a minimum of eight glasses of water and more is
better. The more toxic, the more water needed. This should be
pure water, preferably electrolysis-produced alkaline-micro
water. This provides not only alkalinity, but also small clumps
of water instead of large clumps of water. It also carries a
negative magnetic field. If this water is not available, then it
should be magnetic negative poled by placing each glass of water
on the negative pole of a 4" x 6" x 1/2" magnet for a minimum of
five minutes before drinking.

Water is paramagnetic. A negative magnetic field is necessary
for all healing water, which carries a healing negative magnetic
field to the human cells. Blood is 90% water, whereas the total
human organism is 70% water. The blood must maintain a pH of 7.4
in order for healing to occur. Alkalinization of water is by
means of a negative magnetic field activating the mineral
bicarbonates such as calcium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate
and potassium bicarbonate. Human life energy, making adenosine
triphosphate plus a negative magnetic field catalytic magnetism
of oxidative phosphorylation and the magnetic activation of the
detoxification by oxidation remnant magnetism family of the
enzymes cannot exist separate from a negative magnetic field.
Furthermore, an alkaline pH cannot be maintained without the
negative magnetic field being higher than the positive
magnetic field. Human life is not a balance between positive and
negative magnetic fields but instead is an imbalance in favor of
a negative magnetic field. For microorganisms, parasites and can-
cer cells it is with a positive magnetic field being higher than
a negative magnetic field. Toxins are a positive magnetic field.
A negative magnetic field cancels and enzymatically processes
toxins and kills invading microorganisms. [end]

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