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Dr. Philpott's view of future role of magnet therapy in medicine

 ***This magnetic therapy information is provided for educational use only.

Predictions Concerning The Future Role Of Magnetic Resonance Bio-Oxidative Therapy And Medical Therapeutics

from pgs.164 and 165 of Dr.Philpott's "Cancer The Magnetic / Oxygen Answer" book, copyright 1999 (*** no longer in print) U.C.C. 1-207 ~ All Rights Reserved.

"Predictions For The Use Of Negative (South-Seeking) Magnetic Field"

*It will prove to be the most used antibiotic for infections (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites)

*It will prove the most optimum control over abnormal central nervous system electromagnetic activity, which can control major mental disorders (delusions, hallucinations, disassociation, obsessive-compulsiveness, psychotic depression, and so forth), minor emotional disorders (all types of neurosis), as well as learning and behavioral disorders (dyslexia, attention deficits, hyperkinesis, abnormal aggressiveness).

*By virtue of its control of symptoms (tension, anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, and also organic produced symptoms) it will become the major tool preparing the patient for corrective behavioral therapy practice, in which stimuli that usually evoke symptoms can be met without symptoms occurring in which repetition of this therapy trains out the symptom. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable tool for reinforcing positive emotional experiences through the practice of imagery.

*It will prove to be the most effective method for resolving the atheromatosis plaques of atherosclerosis.

*It will prove to be an effective resolver of amino acid gels of amyloid deposits in Alzheimer's disease and other organ amyloid deposits.

*It will prove effective in resolving insoluble calcium complex deposits around joints, heel spurs, in the brain after accidents or infections, as well as resolving some types of kidney stones.

*It will prove effective in reversing scar tissue to normal tissue whether on the skin or inside the body.

*It will prove effective in reversing all types of cancers.

*It will prove to be an effective treatment of superficial burns.

*It will prove to be effective in reversing x-ray and atomic exposure injuries.

*It will prove to raise the anabolic hormones melatonin and growth hormone when applied to the brain during sleep. The documented value of these two anabolic hormones in health maintenance is substantial.

*It will prove to be a correction for major sleep disorders when sleeping with the head in a negative (south-seeking) magnetic field. Sleeping on a negative (south-seeking) poled magnetic bed pad will have similar results.

*It will prove to be the most effective reliever of pain caused by local cellular hypoxia, local cellular acidosis, local cellular toxicity, local edema, infection, and so forth.

*It will prove to be the most effective normalizer of local and systemic body pH.

*It will prove to be the energy that activates enzymes reversing reduction end-products of oxidation-reduction such as free radical oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, and acids, and thus return oxygen to its active molecular state.


*The reversal of neuronal extinction response associated with injuries, infections, pressure, and toxicity which can materially aid in rehabilitation of motor and sensory functions.

*The reinstatement of catabolic hormone production which for various reasons
such as toxicity, infection, pressure, stress, and so forth has been inhibited.

"Without promise of a cure magnetic therapy is worth a try"

William H. Philpott, M.D.

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