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Eye Disorders
Dr Philpott explains the degenerative eye disease process, and why magnetic therapy can help to reverse it.

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From Dr. Philpott's Magnetic Health Quarterly Volume V, First Quarter, 1999, "Eye Disorders, The Magnetic Answer" pg 7. Copied with permission of Dr. Philpott. All rights reserved.

A Negative (south-seeking) magnetic field attaches to the paramagnetic bicarbonate buffers such as calcium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate that maintain the
normal alkaline pH of the body. A Negative (south-seeking) magnetic field attaches to the paramagnetic free radicals which blocks free radical activity. The spin of the free electron is counter-clockwise in a Negative (south-seeking) magnetic field which pulls this towards the proton. Thus, a free radical in a negative (south-seeking) magnetic field is a super free radical scavenger. This binding of the free radical by a Negative (south seeking) magnetic field prevents the progression on to peroxides, oxyacids, alcohols and aldehydes. A Negative magnetic field is an energy activator of the oxidoreductase enzymes that have the assignment of processing free radicals, peroxides, oxyacids, alcohols, and aldehydes thus, enzymatically releasing oxygen from its bound state in the inflammatory products. A Negative magnetic field produces alkaline-hyperoxia. All oxidoreductase enzymes are alkaline-dependent, therefore, the
first step in oxidoreductase enzymes catalysis is that of alkalinization and the second step is energy activation of the enzymes in which the enzymes then magnetically join the
substrate for their catalytic reaction.

Furthermore a negative magnetic field stimulates the pineal gland, the retina of the eyes and the wall of the intestinal tract to produce melatonin. Melatonin in its own right, is a
free radical scavenger. Melatononin is an anti-inflammatory agent, an anti-aging agent, and a controller over the body's various energy systems. Melatonin is also an antibiotic. A
Positive (north-seeking) magnetic field cuts off production of melatonin and a Negative (south-seeking) magnetic field is neccessary for the production of melatonin. [end]

William H. Philpott. MD

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