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Dr Philpott explains the important role of magnetic health

*** This magnetic therapy information is provided for educational use only.

From DR Philpott's MHQ research report ENERGY MEDICINE pgs. 26, 27, 28. Copied with permission of Dr. Philpott. All rights reserved.


Human function is divided into what we call the circadian rhythm. There is a period of wakefulness with physical and mental activity. The end product of this physical and mental
activity is the production of free radicals, the principle one being superoxide which is oxygen with an added free electron, If not immediately enzymatically processed, it will result in the
production of other free radicals and peroxides, acids, alcohols and aldehydes all of which are inflammatory. The longer we sustain this physical and mental activity, the higher the accumulation of the end products of metabolism. In order to
process these and get our energy back (that is, get our ATP back) we must go to sleep in which the brain in this period has a negative magnetic field expression and an alkalinity develops
during which ATP and catalytic remnant magnetism can be made. Thus, we use up our energy during the day and we redeem it at night during sleep. Thus, sleep is very important. We cannot be
well without maintaining adequate, energy-restoring sleep. The body, and especially the brain, placed in a negative magnetic field will encourage the development of deep, energy-restoring sleep. Producing a deep, energy restoring sleep is an integral part of magnetic therapy.


Inflammation is caused by the accumulation of toxic end-products of metabolism. Inflammation can be caused by external sources of toxic substances that block enzyme function.
Inflammation is always acidifying thus a negative
magnetic field treatment for any inflamed areas is an important aspect of magnetic therapy. The negative magnetic field will alkalinize the area and activate the enzymes to process the
inflammatory substances.


The outer membrane of the human cell is electromagnetic negative charged. The outer membrane of invading microorganisms
is an electromagnetic positive charged. Thus, the human cell exposed to a static negative magnetic field has its cellular membrane strengthened. Accumulatively, human cells with a strong
negative magnetic field can counter the magnetic positive fields of invading microorganisms. There is a battle of polarities of negative polarity of human cells against the magnetic positive
invading microorganism cells. Whichever one can come up with the most energy will win the battle. It is the ability of the human cell to make use of the negative magnetic field that gives the
human cell the antibiotic advantage over the invading microorganisms.


Human cells make their ATP energy by oxidoreductase enzymes which require an alkaline medium, abundance of oxygen and a negative magnetic field. Cancer cells make their energy by
fermentation which requires not only an acid medium but also a low oxygen medium. The human cells around a cancer become edematous because the acids made by the cancer cell cause this
edema to occur. When these cells are placed in a negative magnetic field and an alkalinity develops, the human cells are no longer swelling and the cancer cells are blocked from making
their ATP by fermentation. This is why a negative magnetic field has anticancer value.


Both calcium and amino acids are soluble at the normal pH range of the human body which is 7.4 to 7.5. Below the normal pH of the human body, both calcium and amino acids become insoluble.
There are many examples where calcium and amino acid insolubledeposits can occur singly or combined. In the development of atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, there are insoluble
deposits of both calcium and amino acids. This can only occur in an acid medium. Calcium can become insoluble in any part of the body where there is a sustained acid medium. This often occurs around inflamed joints for whatever reason the inflammation is there, be it an infection or some other reason which can be just a sustained biological activity with the acid end products of
metabolism. Thus, we have deposits occurring in rheumatoid conditions and in injury conditions. There can be stenosis of the lumbar spine or the cervical spine or of arteries that become clogged with calcium deposits producing a stenosis of such as the carotid arteries or arteries of the heart or of wherever else there is an acidity produced.

Insoluble amino acids become deposited in the case of amyloidosis. This can occur anywhere in the body. It can occur around the nerve. It can occur in the pancreas. It can occur in the brain to which the name of Alzheimer's is given. The cause of this is acidity in these local areas.

It is very important to examine the causes of acidity. Infections will cause acidity. A sustained chronic injury will cause acidity just as an end-product of metabolism. One of the most frequent causes of acidity are maladaptive reactions to foods. This can be either in the nature of an allergy which is always acidic or in the nature of an addiction in which acidity
emerges at the time of the withdrawal phase of addiction. Thus, it is very important to examine for reactions to foods particularly and also chemicals and inhalants.

Deposits of insoluble calcium and insoluble amino acids are reversible by placing a negative
magnetic field over the area and maintaining a continuous alkalinity. These insoluble deposits will slowly go back into solution. Thus, magnetic
therapy using a negative magnetic field has a very wide application for a large number of conditions in which there are insoluble deposits of calcium and amino acids.


The brain, based on its neurones can manifest either as a positive magnetic field or a negative magnetic field. During relaxation and sleep, the brain is manifesting a negative magnetic field. During wakefulness, mental and physical
activity, the brain is manifesting a positive magnetic field. The EEG tells us the difference between the brain's negative magnetic field functional state and its positive magnetic field
functional state. During relaxation and cessation of mental activity, the brain manifests a pulsing frequency between 8-12 cycles per second. Sleep manifests an EEG as low as 2 cycles per second. The thinking brain has an EEG of 22 cycles per second. Under stress, this can go on up to a grand mal seizure of 35 cycles per second. [end]

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