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Cell Division
Dr Philpott explains the magnetic process of cell division in the body

This magnetic therapy information is for educational use only.

*Cell Division: A Magnetic Process"

From pg.9 of the Biomagnetic Handbook (*** no longer in print)
Wrtten by: William H. Philpott, M.D., copied with permission. All rights reserved.

The body itself is composed of a large number of cells which, depending on their identity, group together forming specific tissues and organs. Tissues and organs are distinguishable by
their individual cellular function - nerves, blood, bones, muscles, brain, liver, etc. Cells are alive, constantly forming and renewing themselves in a process called cell division, the process responsible for keeping the body healthy and revitalized. The force which activates the formation and division of cells is magnetic energy.

Not only are individual cells dependant on magnetic energy for proper function, but the interaction of all organs and systems in the body is dependant on the constant presence and influence of magnetic energy. Of equal importance to magnetic fields are vibrational frequencies which evoke specific biological responses. The body's natural vibrational frequencies are controlled by the balance between positive and negative magnetic fields with an increase in positive magnetic energy increasing frequencies and an increase in negative magnetic energy decreasing frequencies. If and when a magnetic imbalance and/or oxygen deficit occurs in an organ or system, function is disturbed producing symptoms and the condition is diagnosed as an "illness". For example when there is insufficient oxygenation and/or negative magnetic energy present for normal cell division (normal healing process), there is a high risk for cell mutation with rapid cellular division. The best treatment is the application of negative magnetic therapy which pulls oxygen into the affected area providing

1)negative magnetic energy and
2) oxygenation of cells unlocking the abnormal growth cycle and allowing normal cell division to proceed.

Considering that man truly is an electromagnetic creature with every cell in the living system an electrical battery (each cell having a negative and positive magnetic field in the DNA) and the function of organs, glands, etc., elecrochemical in operation, it becomes obvious that disorders and diseases are the result of electrochemical breakdowns which can be positively affected with appropriate application of magnetic energy. [end]

"Without promise of a cure magnetic therapy is worth a try"  Dr. William H. Philpott

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