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Queen Super Magnetic Bed Grid

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Orig. Price: $5,460.00
Sale Price: $5,250.00
Prod. Code: #QSMBG

Queen Size Super Magnetic Bed Grid System

A heavy duty magnetic therapy device designed for systemic treatment of the whole body as required in DR Philpotts' more demanding magnetic research protocols.

The QUEEN Size Super Magnetic Bed Grid is a handmade sturdy wooden grid system (made in four sections because of its weight and bulk) that contains 120 powerful grade 8 ( 4" x 6" x 1" ) Ceramic biomagnets ( 3,950 gauss@core min. )

Weighs 700 LB. (each section 175 LB.) and consists of Four sections ea. Measuring ( L 40" x W 30" x 2 3/4" thick ) that when assembled measure ( L 80 x W 60" x 2 3/4" thick ). Custom sizes Available by request.

*** Picture shown is a TWIN Grid section in the manufacturing process so that magnets and grid can be seen. Finished product is sealed with 1/4" thick Masonite composite material.

A 1" thick non-compression hard foam spacer is secured to the top of each Bed Grid section to keep the patient at proper distance above the surface of the magnets. ***Additional foam padding 2 - 3" thick is recommended for added comfort and is available by request..

Shipping Weight: 700 LB

Gauss ratings at measured distances from surface of device:

650 gauss @ 1"
500 gauss @ 1.5"
400 gauss @ 2"
235 gauss @ 3"
150 gauss @ 3"
64 gauss @ 4"
40 gauss @ 8"

*** Gauss Ratings Updated 8/4/06

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*** Shipping not included in price.
Our standard method of shipping for this item is North American Van Lines. Average delivery cost within continental U.S. is approximatly $600.00.  *** Please call for shipping quote before ordering this item.

NAVL Service Includes: unpacking, placement of Grids, and removal of packing and crating materials. Additional charges may apply for unusual circumstances such as difficult access, long carry, or stairs.

*** Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery. This is not a guarantee of delivery time.

The Super Magnetic Bed Grid is strongest solid state permanent magnet - Negative field magnetic therapy device that we know of anywhere.

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