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Why bipolar magnets should not be used for therapy



Why Bipolar Magnets Should Not Be Used For Magnetic Therapy

Written by: Thomas J. Strizak
Founder: Arizona Unipole Magnetics

There are two very different types of magnets used in most magnetic therapy products. There are bipolar (refrigerator type) magnets. And there are uni-pole or mono-pole bio magnets that are being used to manage and reverse disease. The North pole (negative field) side of a properly designed uni-pole biomagnet is often referred to by medical researchers as, "medical north", or the "healing side" of the magnet. The South (positive field) side is usually marked with red for danger.

Leading medical magnetic researchers have shown that the North(-) and South(+) poles have opposite effects on biological systems. They have shown that; NEGATIVE (North pole) magnetic field energy is beneficial because it calms and normalizes metabolic function. It is the the NEGATIVE (North Pole) magnetic field that helps the body to heal itself..

Positive (South Pole) magnetic field energy:

Decreases cellular oxygen
Pushes fluids & gases
Increases intracellular edema
Stimulates wakefulness
Accelerates micro-organism growth
Inhibits biological healing
Can increase inflammation
pH level becomes more acidic
Increases pain
Encourages fat depositing

Strong Bipolar magnets over-stimulate and accelerate micro-organism growth within the body. These magnets are dangerous to use because they direct damaging South pole (positive) magnetic field energy into the body. In most cases the wrong polarity magnets cost more than the real medical bio magnets (*Polar Power) that are used in Dr. Philpott's FDA qualified Magnetic Resonance Therapeutic Research Project.

Linus Pauling Award winner Dr. Philpott states in his Magnetic Health Quarterlty; "The Negative Magnetic Field Antibiotic Effect" pg. 20.
"These limitations make reflexology methods, including the use of low level positive magnetic field and a mixed positive-negative magnetic field, unsuitable as a reliable method of treating infectious and degenerative diseases." Dr. Philpott has been on the review board overseeing the FDA qualified MRTRP for over 10 years.

To learn more about the opposite biological effects
of the two opposite polarities in magnetic therapy see:
Importance of Polarity


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