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Biological Response / Universal Truths
Dr. Philpott explains universal observations of biological response to magnetic fields

*** This magnetic therapy information is for educational use only.


Copied with permission of the author Dr. William H. Philpott. From "The Magnetic Health Quarterly" volume III, second quarter copyright 1997. All rights reserved.

The conclusions drawn are from magnetic test exposure to human subjects testing the front, back, sides, feet and head and also while in the northern (negative) magnetic earth hemisphere and
southern (positive) magnetic earth hemisphere. These magnetic biological responses are universally the same under any and all sections of the body tested and both earth magnetic hemispheres.

1) A positive magnetic field is stressful and therefore, does not heal the human body.

2) A negative magnetic field is anti-stressful and governs human cellular normalization and healing.

3) A negative magnetic field governs sleep by evoking melatonin production by the pineal gland.

4) A positive magnetic field blocks the production of melatonin by the pineal gland.

5) A positive magnetic field biological response is acid-hypoxia. This is compatible with the metabolism ofmicroorganisms and cancer and not compatible with the human metabolism.

6) A negative magnetic field biological response is alkaline-hyperoxia which is necessary for the human metabolism and is not compatible with the metabolism of microorganisms and cancer.

7) Biological responses are consitently the same whether the subject is in the northern magnetic hemisphere or the southern magnetic hemisphere of the earth.[end]

"Without promise of a cure magnetic therapy is worth a try" Dr. William H. Philpott

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