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Dr Philpott explains the degenerative disease process and how magnetic therapy and nutritional modification can help to reverse it.

*** This magnetic therapy information is for educational use only.

Alzheimers, The Magnetic Answer
The following was written by Dr Philpott for a newsletter. Time and date of this writing are unknown. Copied with Dr Philpott's permission. All rights reserved.

By age sixty and beyond Alzheimer?s disease becomes the most frequent mental impairment. Symptoms vary from depression, fatigue, and occasional forgetfulness to disorientation and aggressive or paranoid behavior. In the early stages memory impairment sets in and subjects may get lost and not be able to find even familiar objects in their own environment. In the later stages total loss of mental function sets in and the subject has to be cared for by others, and are frequently are cared for by mental hospitals and specialized nursing homes.

Alzheimer?s is caused by deposits of insoluble amino acids (amyloid) in the space between neurons; the most commonly deposited area being the hippocampus, the area of the brain that is related to memory and intellectual function. Amyloid is toxic; it initially inhibits and finally kills neurons. Largely ignored as to the cause of insoluble amino acid deposits (amyloid) is the fact that amino acids are soluble in an alkaline medium, which is normal in the human body, but are insoluble in an acid medium. Thus it is now known that amyloidosis is caused and further perpetuated by areas of the body becoming acidic.

There are a number of causes in developing acidity, such as addictions, allergic reactions (especially to foods), heavy metal deposits (especially aluminum and mercury), infections and nutritional deficiencies. Treatment must include these factors. Fortunately a negative magnetic field is alkalinizing and thus correcting for any stage of brain acidity. Effective treatment must:

1) Stop the causes of acidity
2) Process the damage of the toxins and amyloid deposits
3)Alkalinize and thus reverse the amyloid deposits, using a negative magnetic field.

This is achieved by sleeping with the head [brain] in a negative magnetic field producing brain unit. In the waking period it would be wise to use a magnetic hat, which would maintain the brain in a negative magnetic field. The secret to treating Alzheimer?s is to change the abnormal acid state of the brain to a normal alkalinity. Fortunately a negative magnetic field can achieve this goal.

The magnetic negative magnetic field produced by a magnet is able to penetrate the human body and can affect the functioning of the nervous system, organs, and cells. Magnetic fields can stimulate metabolism and increase the amount of oxygen available to cells. When used properly, magnetic therapy is harmless and has no side effects.

Research is in process to establish magnetic therapy as being statistically valuable for both the early and late stages of Alzheimer?s. Volunteers are needed for this research project.

Good health to you all!
William H. Phillpot, M.D.

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