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Magnetic Super Hat W/ Additional Magnets

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DR Philpott Designed and Approved Polar Power

The Magnetic Super Hat With Additional Magnets is a very serious heavy duty Negative Field Magnetic Therapy Device which was often used in DR Philpott's protocols for the management and reversal of brain disorders, cancer, and tumors.

This incredibly comfortable magnetic hat has a total of 34 Low Profile Super Neo neodymium biomagnets (18 are permanently sewn into its strong but flexible interior). There is one Broad Super Neo sewn-in at the top center of the hat. The Additional 16 Low Profile Neo biomagnets are stacked on top of the sewn-in magnets for deeper penetration.

This device comes only in a single universal size and has an adjustable tie to keep it on the head. If it's much larger than your head size, added material can be wrapped around the head (or a wool cap can be worn) for a snugger fit.

An additional print material cover that goes over the Hat that can be washed is included (Not shown in picture and varies by availability of material at time of constructing the Hat) 

*** Fabreez is recommended for cleaning the Hat periodically.

Magnet Specifications:

Total of 34 Low Profile Neodymium ( 1" diameter x 1/8" thick )

One: Broad Super Neodymium ( 1.5 " diameter x 1/8" thick )

William H. Philpott, MD was a founding father of the Orthomolecular Society and a proud recipient of The Linus Pauling Award for his excellence in the research of biomagnetics and magnetic therapy for healing.

"I don't say that magnets healed you, you say that magnets healed you" W.H. Philpott. MD

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