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Queen Mega-Field Slumber Pad

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The DR Philpott Designed and Approved Polar Power
QUEEN Mega-Field Slumber Pad

This fine magnetic mattress pad provides soothing Negative Field Magnetic Therapy to the whole body and is commonly used for magnetic health balancing and maintenance. The Mega-Field Slumber Pad is made from specially designed top quality hospital grade foam and is available in two standard sizes. Both sizes are smooth and firm with no uncomfortable lumps or bumps of magnets. Includes a handsome white cotton quilted cover that can be removed for washing.

Shipping Weight: 68 LB

The Queen Mega-Field Slumber Pad contains the DR Philpott approved Mini-Block magnets that measure {1-7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8" thick}
rated {3,950 gauss @ core}.

The biomagnets are properly spaced for optimum separation of polarity.

100 gauss @ surface of pad
25 gauss @ 1" from surface
15 gauss @ 2"
13 gauss @ 4"
12 gauss @ 6"
11 gauss @ 8"

The Queen size contains 507 Mini-Block magnets {measures 58" x 78"}
and is Two inches thick

*** The Mega-Field Slumber Pad is designed to put your entire body in a soothing Negative magnetic field which has been shown to relax muscles, relieve stress, and treat aches and pains. At the same time you can have the best, most relaxing and restorative sleep ever. There's no guessing with these magnetic mattress pads. You can rest assured you're getting high quality proper polarity magnetic therapy. *** Picture shown is Twin size.

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