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Twin Mega-Field Slumber Pad

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The DR Philpott Designed and Approved Polar Power
TWIN Mega-Field Slumber Pad

Backed by 23 years of FDA qualified research by a Linus Pauling Award winning doctor, this superb and unique Twin size magnetic mattress pad is designed to provide full systemic magnetic therapy treatment to the entire body. It's special design allows only the beneficial North magnetic field energy to penetrate the body. In his 23 years of research, the late Dr. Philpott repeatedly observed that it is the North (Negative) magnetic field that encourages healing, and that's why he designed the Mega-Field Slumber Pad for use in his research.

The Twin Mega-Field Slumber Pad is designed to sleep directly upon so that your body receives the strongest All North magnetic field possible. This top quality magnetic mattress pad is constructed of  a special high density hospital grade foam, so you can rest comfortably without feeling any lumps or bumps. It also includes a handsome white cotton quilted cover that can be removed for machine washing.

Shipping Weight: 43 LB

The Mega-Field Slumber Pad contains the "Mini-Block" ceramic ferite magnets that measure 1-7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8" thick
rated {3,950 gauss @ core} each.

Biomagnets are spaced and configured for optimum separation of polarity.

Gauss Rating at measured distances from surface:
(Polarity aside, this is the most important thing a shopper should know when purchasing a magnetic mattress pad)

100 gauss @ surface of pad
25 gauss @ 1" from surface
15 gauss @ 2" from surface
13 gauss @ 4" from surface
12 gauss @ 6" from surface
11 gauss @ 8"
from surface

Item contains: 300 "Mini-Block" biomagnets

Item measures: 38" x 78" x 2" thick

The human body does it's best healing at night while sleeping.  With the Twin Mega-Field Slumber Pad you can sleep your way to good health and experience a deeper, more relaxing and restorative sleep. And there's no doubt or guessing involved because you're using the same high quality proper polarity magnetic therapy/magnetic mattress pad that Dr Philpott prescribed in his research protocols for disease prevention, reversal and management.

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