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Magnetic therapy testimonies from our customers

Customer Testimonies



We wish to thank each person who took the time to share their personal magnetic therapy success with us, and for giving us permission to publish their testimonies.

7/14/05 Optic Nerve Damage / Elbow

Hi Thomas!
How are you? Phil's eye is getting better from the magnet! Praise God! This was an impossibility so the doctors say. His optic nerve was damaged. Hey, I have a hearing problem. Is there a magnet for the ears? How about asking Dr. Philpott if he could design one?

My elbow is quite better. I don't wear the magnet every night and I still can't wear it on top of the inflamed tendon. I wear it on the upper arm while I'm sleeping. I also started working out again which seems to have helped it rather than hurting it. So, praise God for that, too!

Hope you and your family are well. Talk to you later,
P.S. God bless!

7/14/05 Prostate Cancer

Thomas-John: About two years ago I ordered a magnetic chair pad from you for my dad who has prostate cancer. He has had prostate cancer for almost 18 years and after achieving a low PSA for several years, it had started to slowly rise. I told Dad to use the magnetic pad faithfully, which he did. Six months ago a CT scan and a bone scan showed no signs of cancer anywhere in his body. Some people may say this is a coincidence but I truly believe magnets have strong healing power. I am sorry it has taken me so long to send this email to you.

Now I have a question. My husband has horrible bursitis in his hip. What kind of magnetic therapy would you recommend for treatment of this? The hip is a hard place to put a magnet. I look forward to hearing from you.


4/5/05 Muscle Pain / Sleep

Dear Tom,

I have been using magnets for a couple of years (I think it has been that
long. My memory is terrible.) I sleep on them at night and use various
pads in the day time. I find the one inch round, one/eighth inch thick
neodymium magnets to be the most convenient and effective for muscle and
joint pain during the day. They have been a Godsend for pain. I suffer
from inflammation of all joints and many muscles. They have also
improved my sleep by about 80 to 90 per cent. I have a feeling of well
being when I am resting on them.

I have Lyme disease and I am still fighting to get rid of it. The
magnets' antibiotic properties do not seem to work as well for my
particular illness as the properties for pain, sleep, and well being. I
will never be without them.

Vickie Taylor, Houston, Texas

3/31/05 Back Injury

Dear TJ,

I jumped, sprang, dove into Spring work without a slow conditioning process---and I paid for it!
One morning in March, 2005 I was spreading 3 " rock into a low section of my long driveway. After a light lunch, I laid down on the couch for a 20 min. rest and.........................I couldn't get up! I managed only to roll off the couch onto my hands and knees but I could not rise; lower back spasms were intensely painful if I moved but were mild if I remained frozen on my hands and knees.
I shouldn't have been shoveling rock. A week previous I had cut down, cut up, and stacked a large hickory tree in my front yard---with loud protest from my back. Evidently, with the rock shoveling, I had resumed hard labor before my back had recovered. Anyway, there I was, trapped, on my hands and knees, on the living room rug. FORTUNATELY my 4" x 6" x 1/2" magnet was on the coffee table, within arm's reach. I reached for it and tucked it inside my belt at my lower left back. Within 10 min. I could stand (barely) and stagger to the bedroom where I retrieved my other 4' x 6" x 1/2" magnet and my custom velcro back support belt built to hold both magnets at my left and right lower back. I strapped on the support belt and the 2 magnets.
Long story short.........a half hour later I was back outside, still wearing the magnets, finishing the rock shoveling job; back felt great! Thank goodness for biomagnetics!

Colin Kirk

Received 10/10/03

Hello Mr. Strizak,
I received my magnet order & wanted to thank you again for sending along
the sta-tight wraps at no extra charge. Much appreciated.
I also want to mention that this past week I have noticed a significant
difference in my knees. 75% better than they were a month ago. I now
can walk 2 miles, ride my bike & work out at my club without hurting
after. I don't even notice much stiffness. I have to say I am truly
amazed. It made a believer out of my husband. I told him that I
bought another magnet for him & he used it last night. Now, I need to
concentrate on the arthritis in my thumb. I am so grateful that my
doctor recommended you.
Thank you,

Dear Thomas:

I wanted to update you on the results of the magnetic articles I bought for my father-in-law (ankle wrap and soother) and my dad (prostate pillow).

My father-in-law has had painful ankles for months now and he used the ankle wrap with great success. He is a very active senior citizen but the pain was slowing him down. His ankles are much, much better. He has also told me his legs "jump at night" and have done so for many, many years. I think he probably has what they call "restless leg syndrome." With the use of the soother, his legs do not jerk or spasm anymore. He is thrilled!

My dad is using the prostate pillow and says the true test will be when he has another PSA drawn in March. Meanwhile, his back and hips and legs do not ache anymore. Dad has had prostate cancer for nine years and has been treated with hormone (estrogen) therapy. His PSA is starting to climb again so it will be very interesting to see if his level declines with the use of the prostate pillow. I will keep you informed as to the results of his next blood test.

Meanwhile, wishing you and your family a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Shellie Krabbe-Hendricks

An old foot injury was gradually making walking more and more painful, equivalent to an absessed tooth. X-rays showed a deteriorating joint between the big toe and the foot. I was scheduling surgery at the Rothman Institute in Phildelphia when I decided to try the neodymium magnets. I applied one of the
digi-tubes to the big toe next to the injury. In three days I realized in retrospect that I wasn't having pain any more. Six weeks later, I still have no pain and I have cancelled the
surgery and I can walk for miles on my treadmill (impossible before) with no pain.I was writing a book against a deadline sitting at the computer for 10 to 12 hours a day. The writing kept me in a fixed posture so that after 6 months, the right
side of my neck completely locked up from C1 to C4. It was painful to blink my eyes.I couldn't use the computer at all for 2 months. I sought help from chiropractors, neuromuscular therapists and DO's. All helped a little, but my neck was stuck and would not move. My head's rotation to the right was limited to about 10 degrees. I was being lined up for a series of cortisone shots. I was not happy. I bought several neodymium
magnets, stacked them and slept on them one night placed agaist the locked area. The next morning, I awoke, felt around the area and it seemed different somehow. I twisted my neck and every one of the bones popped loose, like a zipper coming undone. In the three weeks since, I have been back on the computer an nearly have my book done. I now have complete rotation and no pain.

Dr. Joseph Yeager - New Hope, PA


Trying to closeout the school year and are very its springtime here, mowing lawns, weeding, painting and cleaning. The mattress pad is a hit. I caught Jackie commenting to a family member that since its use she has not had any stress related pains and is not popping the tylenol to get rid of either. Also, we believe now that drinking the water is very helpful. We drink alot of water, and although we aren't dancing in the streets, we believe it has brought us light years ahead of where we were. The combination of the water and pad are what everybody needs. I can personally say that I get a deeper more restful night of sleep now, where before I was constantly tossing and turning. Our bedroom location has a tremendous amount to do with it, noise and light we are working on.

So Thomas, from the bottom of my heart and back and neck, Thanks!!!

Terry Bonn - Northeast, PA

Hello Thomas and Arlene,

just have to tell you I shopped until I dropped this week-end. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I walked so much.I had knee surgery six years ago and constant pain. I am a firm believer in magnets. Thank you.

Bless you for getting the word out about magnets.


Bless you,

I am so gratifull for you kind and informative letter. I have found very few who are really willing to help and I feel blessed to have had such a quick and informative respond. It was my own dentist who lead me to your site. I will follow you instructions and put you in my prayers for your kindness. Have a nice day.

Gratifully Yours, Sydney

I realy dont have a question, but a comment on youre compony. I just want you to know how impress I am on youre service. I was so very suprise, and impress on how fast I recieved your product. I just wanted to say THANKYOU for such great service. I also have to tell you that I also enjoy my product. THANKYOU for being a great compeny,


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