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Vitality Sleep Enhancer

Price: $470.00
Prod. Code: #VIT

The Dr. Philpott Designed And Approved Polar Power
Vitality Sleep Enhancer

The sturdy hardwood frame holds four deep penetrating 1" thick ceramic biomagnets at the head of your bed . The height of the magnets housed withing this device is easily adjustable for optimal placement. The Vitality Sleep Enhancer slots between your mattress and box spring so the weight of the magnets is held firmly in place and can not tip over. Use with the Mega-Field Slumber Pad produces the ultimate magnetic health improvement.

Shipping Weight: 34 LB

Includes Four (4" x 6" x 1") ceramic block biomagnets rated 3,950 gauss @ core ea. minimum

Magnet Carrier Headboard Measures: Height 23"  Width 20" Thickness 1 1/2" 

*** Available in the following five different types of wood:
Mahogany, Birch, Cherry, Walnut, Ash, Oak.

Vitality sleep enhancers are specifically designed to encourage natural  production of Melatonin by the pineal gland.

In recent years there has been much research showing the benefits of increased levels of Melatonin. Some of the improvements you can have with increased Melatonin production are: Deep Restorative Sleep, Improved Immune System, Improved Energy Levels, Increases Growth Hormone (skin, hairand nail growth). Research has shown that by placing the pineal gland (this is near the top and center of your head) in a negative magnetic field your body will increase its natural production of Melatonin.  Not only can you get these marvelous benefits, but you can do it safely and naturally. This is magnetic therapy that's very easy to use, just sleep with your head in front of this headboard like device.

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