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*** This magnetic therapy information provided by Arizona Unipole Magnetics is for educational use only.

• What is a Unipole or Monopole magnet and does it have just one pole?
This type of magnet has two poles. The poles are separated at the axis or center of the magnet and there is one pole in each opposite direction. The Negative magnetic field is equal to the North pole that the North seeking needle of a compass indicates. The Positive magnetic field is equal to the South Pole that the South seeking needle of a compass indicates. 

• What is a Bipolar or Bipole magnet?
The poles of this type of magnet are not separated and all sides of the magnet provide a mixed Positive and Negative field of magnetic energy.

• Why is Polarity so important in magnetic therapy?
Biomagnetic therapy researcher William H. Philpott, M.D. who conducted 23 years of FDA qualified research observed and concluded that the Negative magnetic field calms and normalizes metabolic function, while the opposite Positive magnetic field overstimulates. Although many other researchers concur, this is not a proven fact.

• I have Bipolar Magnets, can they hurt me?
The FDA classifies magnets used for magnetic therapy as "benign" and not essentially harmful. Magnets should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. Magnets should not be applied if you have electrical implants of any kind because they may shorten the battery life of such devices. Magnets may be used safely on the body  if the magnetic field of the magnet(s) applied does not reach the area of the implant. 

• How long can I apply magnets to my body?
The Negative magnetic field may be applied continuously for extended periods of time anywhere on the body. To date there are no known side effects associated with the use of magnets for therapy.

• Is Magnetic Therapy used just for Pain?
No. The Negative magnetic field has been used to prevent, manage and reverse disease for many years. There are over 23 years of documented research by DR Philpott suggesting that Negative field magnetic energy promotes healing and good health.



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