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Magnetic Neck Brace
Price: $64.95
Prod. Code: #NKBRC

DR Phipott Designed and Approved Polar Power

This fine magnetic therapy device is made with hospital grade foam in the traditional style to keep neck muscles immobile, but with the added benefit of Five powerful Low-Profile Super Neo magnets (1" diameter x 1/8" thick, Rated 12,300 gauss min. @ core ea.). The magnets are strategically placed with the Negative field towards the body to penetrate all the major muscles around the neck. The Polar Power Magnetic Neck Brace is covered in your choice of Beige or Black cotton Jersey knit material to keep you cool and comfortable. *** Please be advised that the Polar Power Magnetic Neck Brace is not a deep penetrating magnetic therapy device, it is designed to treat neck area muscles. 

Educational Information: When using magnetic therapy to promote the healing process, constant application is important. Unlike applying bipolar magnets for pain, it is well to apply the Negative magnetic field even when there is no pain present. DR Philpott believes that it is also well to continue some treatment even if the problem is healed. It is also well to make magnetic therapy a lifestyle.

The Magnetic Neck Brace is a good choice for those suffering from muscle tension and and back of the neck pain.

Shipping Weight: 1 LB

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