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• What is a Unipole or Monopole magnet and does it have just one pole?
This type of magnet has Two poles - the poles are separated and there is One pole in each direction.

• What is a Bipolar or Bipole magnet?
This is a magnet that has Two poles. The poles are not separated and all sides of the magnet radiate positive and negative field energy. Most refrigerator magnets are Bipolar.

• Why is Polarity so important in magnetic therapy?
Leading researchers agree that the Negative magnetic field calms and normalizes metabolic function while the Positive magnetic field overstimulates and encourages micro-organism growth. Only the Negative magnetic field has been shown to promote and accelerate the healing process.

• I have Bipolar Magnets, can they hurt me?
Only if they are strong. Most magnetic therapy products utilizing these magnets are very weak. The FDA classifies therapy magnets as "benign".

• How long can I apply magnets to my body?
The calming Negative magnetic field can be applied continously for any extended period of time anywhere on the body to promote healing. The Bipolar magnetic field stimulates and therefore should only be applied for short periods of time as needed for pain. AUM does Not recommend the use of bipolar magnets for therapy.

• Is Magnetic Therapy used just for Pain?
No. The Negative magnetic field has been used to prevent, manage and reverse disease for many years. There are over 23 years of documented research by DR Philpott showing that Negative field magnetic energy promotes healing and good health.

• What kind of Disease has been reversed with magnets?
DR Philpott has reversed well over 120 different types of disease magnetically in conjunction with nutritional modification. He has shown good success in treatment of cancer, diabetes, systemic infection, brain disorders and mental illness with Negative magnetic field therapy.

• Can I use Magnets if I'm on Prescription Drugs?
Yes. There are No known conraindictions. The Negative magnetic field has been shown to enhance the body's absorbtion of prescription drugs, vitamins, and food supplements. Depending on the magnetics being used, it is possible to experience effects of overmedication.

• Is Magnetic Therapy Safe for Children to use?
Yes. DR Philpotts' research has shown that the Negative magnetic field is not only safe for children to use, it is helping premature birth babies to be released from the hospital in almost half the time of those not using the therapy.

• Should I just place the Magnets where it hurts?
Not always. If the pain is caused by a buildup of fluid
pressure within an encapsulated area such as eye socket, the magnet
should be placed so that the Negative magnetic field draws the
fluids away from area of pressure buildup.

• Why do most Companies Not specify Polarity of Their Magnets?
Because most Companies sell Bipolar Magnets. The less you know, the better they look.

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